II: The Case Study of the Orphan

The Integration Of Childhood And Adulthood

Over the lifespan of the host, the Agency of the Orphan is successfully integrated into identity through a concomitance of childhood and adulthood. This process is extremely gradual taking place over a series of stages.

Stage 1 Host is established through recognition
of an Orphan character
Stage 2 Mimetic Behavior Commence
Stage 3 Cultivation of Character: Personalities,
Proclivities & Age Range
Stage 4 Host “grows up” Through mirroring
Stage 5 Host “grows past” Archetype
Stage 6 Regressive Individuation

It is at the sixth stage of regressive individuation that the host fully embodies the Agency of the Orphan. This stage can only take place once a person is well acquainted with their child and adult selves; in other words, when the host has reached adulthood.

>> Regressive Individuation

Series of Stages

Stage 1: Recognition of Orphan Character

Stage 2: Mimetic Behavior

Stage 3: The Age Range of Character Cultivation

Stage 4: Growing up through mirroring

Growing Past Through Mirroring