II: The Case Study of the Orphan

Phase 1: Orphan As Mirror

In the first stage of identification the sense of affiliation or shared experience is felt by the host. This initial stage is the result of a subconscious empathy with the narratives associated to all Orphans regardless of their archetypal distinction. The most commonly resonant aspects of these narratives are as follows:

Attempts to engage in social acceptance and adaptation while simultaneously embarking on the pursuit of individualism.

The experience of a neglect or abandonment.

A ceaseless state of desire.

Once this preliminary alliance is felt, the attentions and attractions of the host toward the Orphan are refined through a specific Orphan character. Each Orphan character’s distinct traits illustrate at least one of the triadic archetypal classifications

>> Phase 2: Character Selection

experience of neglect or abandonment

A ceaseless state of desire

embarking on the pursuit of individualism