Initial Diagnosis

It is difficult to pinpoint which specific traits or experiences affect some to be more inclined towards the Agency of the Orphan. One is not predisposed to being drawn to or influenced by the Orphan. Any individual who experiences an impasse between their child and adult selves might easily find respite in the journeys and faculties the Orphan is afforded. Attraction to the Orphan might also be triggered for persons muddled in the confusing and arduous journey towards self-discovery.

These distinctions may seem broad, but let us not forget that the Orphan is a popular mythology and that initial attractions generally require little more than a modicum of association. The significance of the Agency of the Orphan becomes clearer once the A of O is more fully engaged by the host. The experience of every individual is subjective and case sensitive. However, there does appear to be a trajectory of developmental phases that are experienced by all who have been diagnosed with the A of O.

>> Phase 1: Orphan As Mirror

Child Self

Adult Self

arduous journey towards self-discovery