III: The Existence of the Orphan


This study is a testimonial to the Orphan encounter. Over the course of this reading the Orphan has been spread before you time and again. But is the profile only growing deeper in its unreality? Does the Orphan appear now more distant, more unattainable? Is your experience substantiated by our study but still unresolved as to how to practically apply the A of O in your life? In the text that follows, we will focus on the practice of living with the A of O as a way to bring us closer to ourselves.

Helping someone who is Host to the A of O develop an awareness of their circumstance is a complex process. A person develops the means to access a most pure, unadulterated autonomous self by identifying with and mimicking the characteristics that define what is Orphan. Learning how to utilize these skills is a true harnessing of the A of O. In the following pages, we ask that you consider yourself as we follow the experiences of the Host. In this way perhaps you will learn for yourself the means to navigate the Agency of the Orphan.

>> Recognizing the A of O