III: The Existence of the Orphan

Aspire to Accept

Understanding precisely how the Orphan integrates into our lives requires a consideration of whether the Orphan remains in the realm of fantasy or is actualized through the process of the A of O. The Orphan was begat as an impossible daydream and can just as easily be reinforced to remain as such. Our focus here is to view the Orphan as a practical support for moving forward in our own lives.

The host embodies the A of O through the pursuit of the Orphan as an ideal. In the stage of regressive individuation, the ideal dissolves and is integrated into the psyche of the self. This is not the result of possessing the Orphan. It is the result of possessing the pursuit. We must reckon with the ideal, removing its unreality by shifting our focus onto ourselves through the process (agencies) in which we are engaged.

The goal of Orphanhood is to exist in the world as a whole and complete self. The Orphan travels on a path that belongs wholly and truly to the Orphan. As a being unattached, possession for the Orphan does not manifest in the physical world. Possession is a state of knowing rather than of having, a possession of self rather than of other.

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Realm of Fantasy

Possessing the Pursuit

Possessing the Pursuit